We have updated our algorithms to flag people who are at high risk of infection symptoms/inflammatory spikes/immune distress. (see below)​

  1. The single greatest risk that COVID19 brings is a run on the hospital/system. Italy and now NYC are clear examples. provides stark modeling that demonstrates the size of the tsunami we are up against.
  2. Based on conservative estimates from China’s data, most people (70% of high risk ppl and 90% of low risk ppl) can manage this experience without significant distress (reported in Journal of American Medical Assoc Mar 2020).
  3. Use of this tech and decision support is critical to:
    • Answer the question: “when do I seek medical care”
    • Keep the medical system clear of mild positives (infected but manageable w/o hospitalization) & false positives (similar symptoms but not infected) so high risk patients can access.

Covid-19 risk - Case Example

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