What is it?

PT Health Study is a collaboration to develop a system which detects, interprets, and minimizes the impact of acute distress/illness using existing wearable technology.

Why we're doing it

We envision a world in which physical therapists are the provider of choice dealing with chronic disease, illness, and inflammatory conditions.

We believe if we develop & test the systems to support our early data - we can remotely screen, monitor, and coach our communities to decrease their risk & increase their health.

Crucial Timing

The COVID-19 crisis has created a situation in which remote distress/illness monitoring is critical for decreasing burden on the medical system & to maintain physical therapists' ability to serve their patients from a distance.


  • Combining modern wearable trackers with a data analytics dashboard (CISRS*) that integrates health metrics into a platform for PTs to monitor.
  • Early data & research shows this filter can identify high risk patients and trigger timely provider outreach & recovery management.

How you can help

  • Get a compatible Garmin device & join the community of 'subjects' - users are needed to refine the system.
  • Subjects will be added to a community forum where PTHealthStudy insights will be shared.

Contact Info@PTHealthStudy.org with questions